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March 2017 QASIG Video – Quality 2020 with Brian Gaudreau

Quality in software delivery and sustainment will always have competing pressures between capability desired, cost incurred, and time taken.  And of course these impact measurable quality delivered.

But even now the technology landscape adds additional pressures we need to understand to be most effective in keeping quality high.

  • Client/Customer expectations and input now influence different combinations of capability and functionality.
  • Security and Quality are not separate conversations.
  • What is meaningful to measure is now more dynamic than ever.

At the QASIG we’ll discuss these factors as well as new perspectives (and revisit some baseline tenets) on planning and readiness for software quality going forward.

About our speaker: Brian Gaudreau has successfully delivered software services and solutions for over 20 years. Experienced leader delivering software quality and continuous improvement of products and processes.

Specialties: Software Delivery and Quality, Process Analysis and Improvement, Program Management, PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, Resource Management including offshore teams, ITIL, Regulatory and Compliance testing/audit, Cloud technologies, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Test environments and test methodologies. Certified Scrum Master.

July QASIG Video, Lightning Talk with Frank Charlton, Data is Your Friend

Frank Charlton, Software Test Lead, Sonos
Data is Your Friend

As testers there are so many things that we can be doing with data/metrics/analytics. Are you making the most of data?
About: Frank Charlton likes to break things and think through problems in creative ways. He found his way into testing after a career in the music industry where (it turns out) he was building the same kinds of skills he utilizes to this day. He is a Software Test Lead for Sonos where he works primarily on their applications, and tries to ensure the Seattle office is blasting good music throughout the day. With a strong passion for UI, he works in a tight-knit team of developers, UX designers, product managers, and researchers to ensure that users are always given the best experience, without being weighed down by technology. Frank attempts to write at frankcharlton.me and tries to be funny sometimes on Twitter @frankcharlton. When not sitting in front of a computer he can be found singing karaoke, camping, or tasting cocktails.

July QASIG Video, Lightning Talk with Jason Thane – Developer Pairing

Jason Thane, Software Developer and Co-Founder, General UI

Developer Pairing
Pairing means working in teams of two developers with one computer, two keyboards, and two mice. One driver, one navigator. I will talk about why it’s helpful and what we get out of it at General UI. Notably, you solve problems differently when talking about the problem as a pair rather than when just writing code in solo fashion.
About: Jason Thane is a software developer and co-founder of General UI, a Seattle-based developer community built on principles of communication and trust.