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September 2018 QASIG Meeting Video

CI/CD: An Experience Report
Our Quest for the holy grail of software delivery

Presented by Leonard Vaughn and Joy Shafer, The Climate Corp

Climate has been working to achieve CI/CD with varying degrees of success for at least three years now. Although we are not “there” yet, we have made great progress toward that goal.

We’d like to share what we’ve learned:

How do we define CI/CD?
What does our process for getting there look like?
What is working for us?
What has not worked for us?
What is left for us to do? Why aren’t we “there” yet?
In this presentation, Joy and Leonard talk about the victories and setbacks, the Climate Corporation has experienced in its quest for the holy grail of software delivery.

Should your team embrace continuous delivery or bravely run away?

About our speakers:

Leonard Vaughn has been testing interesting software, from operating systems to apps, “for a long time.”

For the past 6 years, he’s been a Test Engineer with The Climate Corporation as it grew from a single-product, 100-person insurance company to the leading global digital agriculture platform. Along the way, Climate moved steadily* towards a Continuous Delivery model for their service and web stacks, and timely, frequent releases of both iOS and Android applications that today are critical to many farmers’ success.

*more like fits and starts, actually. But that’s where the story gets interesting!

Joy Shafer has been a software test professional for more than twenty years and has managed testing and testers at many diverse companies, including Microsoft, Alaska Airlines, and Quardev. She is currently a Test Engineering Manager at The Climate Corporation. Joy enjoys participating in community QA and Agile groups. She holds an MBA in International Business from Stern Graduate School of Business (NYU). For fun, she writes fiction and enjoys wilderness adventures (while drinking wine).

May QASIG Video – Performance and Security Quality Practices in Continuous Delivery

Performance and Security Quality Practices in Continuous Delivery

presented by Khan Klatt, Director of Engineering at McGraw-Hill Engineering

Modern software engineering practices have challenged traditional thinking around the delivery of quality software. Waterfall practices have been eclipsed by agile practices, reducing cycle time to deliver software features from quarters or years to weeks or months. Agile practices are now being challenged by lean practices, which some organizations have exploited to reduce that cycle time from weeks/months to days/hours. In this talk, discover how decades-old quality practice and modern software engineering capabilities can be applied to deliver high-quality software on ultra-agile timeframes.

About our speaker: Khan Klatt is a Director of Engineering at McGraw-Hill Engineering, leading the company’s Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery strategy. Khan joined McGraw-Hill Education in 2014, previously having worked in entertainment/gaming and social media startups local to Seattle. Khan built high-performance, highly-scalable APIs used by television game shows, web scraping/crawling, and content ranking algorithms, as well as a social media platform that scaled to 50M users in the early 2000’s. In the 1990s, Khan also helped co-found a Web consulting business and successfully built and sold a regional startup Internet Service Provider to a national ISP.

Khan attended Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA, where he served as the first Webmaster for that organization in 1993. His passion for progressive innovation was demonstrated in his work to integrate make the Campus-Wide Information System database available on the Web as early as 1994.

Khan came to the United States from Ankara, Turkey, where he attended grades K-12 in a Department of Defense Dependents School. Born in Turkey, Khan speaks Turkish and English as native tongues and learned elementary French in high school. In his free time, Khan enjoys hobbies like programming, photography, and travel.