2018-19 QASIG – Testing in the Modern World

We hope you’ll join us for a new year of great QASIG meetings and camaraderie. This year we have a theme where we’ll focus on Quality in the modern world – what does it mean? What skills do you need to hone? What tools should learn? And more…

Did you miss September’s event? You can see the review and the video here

Unfortunately we had to cancel the November QASIG – only the second time in our history of putting on this event! But we’ll be back in January with great presentation to kick off another great year of QA programming. Hope you’ll join us!

January 2019 QASIG – Wednesday, January 9th

Transformational Leadership for the QA Influencer

Presented by Pat Loughery, Quality Assurance Manager at Starbucks

Date/Time Event
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
January 2019 QASIG Meeting
Quardev Headquarters, Seattle WA

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Quality Assurance Special Interest Group